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Club Vistara is a recent and the fastest growing and the quickest rewarding frequent flyer programme. They provide the fastest upgrading tier system.

Tier system
CV base, CV silver, CV gold and CV platinum are the tiers available in Club Vistara. As you upgrade your status, the privileges get upgraded and you enjoy the most luxurious and comfortable journeys. There is a guaranteed reservation for members. For platinum members, 24 hours before the departure, you can book an economic class seat in Vistara and for gold members, it is 48 hours before the departure. Members get priority in the waiting list, additional baggage permissions, priority check in, upgrade vouchers, access to lounge, no extra fee on rescheduling etc.

You upgrade to the higher tier by earning tier points. Tier points cannot be redeemed and have a validity of 12 months. CV points are used to redeem rewards, which are valid for 36 months
Tier points required to upgrade to silver is 15000 or 20 flights can be undertaken, for gold is 25000 or 30 flights and for platinum is 35000 or 40 flights.

The mobile application is available making the process far simpler and easier. The enrollment is online and the customer care can be reached by calling at +91-928-922-8888.

Earning and redeeming CV points
You can earn CV points by flying with Vistara or conducting business with its partner brands and airlines. You need to share your CV ID at the time you book your flight to gain points. You can buy CV points as well. The cost is as per the tier level. For per 100 INR spent, the CV points bought for CV base members is 8, for CV silver is 9, for CV gold is 10 and for CV platinum, it is 11. Points are earned as per the money you spend on the tickets. They provide with an earn and reward calculator to analyze and manage your CV points. The redeeming of points start at 2000 CV points. Upgrade awards start at 500 CV points.

Moreover, you can earn points by playing games as well. The games available online on the website on club Vistara,, are based on your knowledge about the club and airlines. Play these short and interactive games to earn points upto 500. You can earn 200 CV points by creating awareness about the club among your friends and colleagues.

Axis bank is the banking partner is club Vistara. The Club Vistara credit cards are issued that help you achieve rewards and earn more points with your expenditure. Other partners are Singapore airlines and SilkAir. Whenever you travel with these flights, you will earn CV points and you can redeem them to upgrade your cabin, to get reward flights etc.

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