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It is india’s first frequent flyer programme which allows you to earn FR points. Points can be earned by travelling with air India or 27 star airline partners. There are airline and non airline members. Bonus points can be earned if business class tickets or first class tickets are used. There is a facility to purchase FR points in case you are short of them.

Membership and eligibility
Individuals can apply online on the site, Persons with age over two are eligible and till 12 years of age, they are considered as a child member. Documents that are required are passport sized photograph, passport, address proof, email, mother’s maiden name and mobile number. KYC verification documents are required to be in English. In case it is in a different language, a copy of translated context is to be issued by Indian High Commission of that country.

Tier system
A base member becomes a silver edge when he/she has gained 25000 points in last 365 days. There is 15% bonus, priority check in, additional baggage etc. The validity of membership is for 12 months unless you earn 50000 points and gain membership in Golden edge club. There is 25% bonus with other privileges. Validity is up to 12 months unless one gains 75000 points to enter the maharajah club, which gives 30% bonus, upgrade vouchers, lifestyle privileges etc. It has a validity of 12 months also.

  1. Sliver edge club
  2. Golden edge club
  3. Maharajah club

Tier members include Silver Edge Club, Golden Edge Club and the Maharajah Club. Free upgrade voucthers are given only to tier members. Along with that, physical cards are issued as well. New base members get a virtual card that can be downloaded online from their respective accounts. In case the physical card is lost, helpline number is 1800-180-1407. Upgrade vouchers are rewarded to tier members and have a validity upto domestic air India services, which cannot be used by any other person but the individual itself. These vouchers cannot be transferred, refunded or cashed. The upgrade vouchers are valid upto six months from the issued date. For domestic residents, these vouchers cannot be extended. There is an extra baggage facility for tier members and not for new base members. Silver club members can carry 10kg or an extra piece according to their cabin, whereas golden and maharajah can carry 20 kg or an extra piece of baggage as per the cabin class.

FR points and their redemption
By using services by Air India, code share flights or airlines that are Memeber of star alliance, one can earn points. Purchasing online tickets using air India website,, or using their mobile application for doing the same can help you earn bonus points. Your membership number is required to get points and tickets needs to be issued as directed in your membership account. When redeeming award flights, no points are earned. To make sure you get points via partner airlines and code share, you should keep the receipt of the ticket and boarding pass till you are sure about your points status. In case your points have not been added in your account, you can check for any error by sending a copy of boarding pass and ticket to, for air India. For star alliance, The validity of FR points is three years from the date of issue. No travels prior to enrollment can be credited for points. Redemption of points occur as reward flights and these can be booked in any name. A member needs to take five flights via air India to have the privilege of redeeming award flights for family members. Before undertaking five flights on AI, the status is termed as Primary Active Status and afterwards is known as Active Status. For multiple sector travels, the total points is the sum of the individual sector’s FR points.

Flying returns give the facility of part points – part money, i.e., one can buy the FR points. The cost of one FR points is INR 1.25. One can extend expired points by paying INR 0.60 per point at booking office or calling on their helpline. 1800-180-1407. Family pool facility might be available by 2018 and currently, pooling with spouse can be done.

They include ITC hotels, Citi Bank, Kotak Bank, American Express, HDFC Bank, Uniconnect, SBI Bank and emirates NBD Bank for members in gulf. Star alliance partners include Air Canada, Air Newzealand, Brussels Airline, Thai Airlines, United Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Ethiopian Airlines, Egyptian Airlines, Adria, Ana, Avianca etc. Code share partners include Swiss airlines, Singapore airlines, Kuwait airlines, Air Astana, Asiana Airlines, Air Mauritius airline etc. Dining partners include Sarovar, Sun n Aand, The Pride Hotels, Aurora Hotels, Fortune Select Manohar, The Golden Park, E Square Hotels and TGI friday’s. Hotel partners include ITC and Lifestyle partners include Holiday IQ. Telecommunication partner is the travelling connect.

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