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Hotel Rewards and Loyalty Programs in India

The essence of a good travel is how luxurious the stay is. Great hotels make our trips worth being cherished throughout our lifetime.

Their hospitality and pleasant environment brings an unforgettable spark to our holidays and tours.

But are you familiar with other advantages of staying at hotels? Several hotels provide it’s customers with convenient and rewarding programs according to customers’ stay and purchases.

So, if you be strategic regarding your choice of hotels and spending money in their partner brands, you can become a member of such programs and enjoy various rewards accordingly.

It is especially of a greater value to the people travelling regularly for their business tours and staying at classy five star hotels.

Complete the requirements of the associated hotel’s loyalty program and earn points which can be redeemed.

These reward and loyalty programs are growing rapidly with the growing network of international hotels in India.

Let us take a look at the various hotels and the various methods to earn reward points.

Taj Inner CircleTaj Inner Circle

The Taj Hotels Inner Circle provide with loyalty program and a variety of ways to redeem the earned points.

Silver – 10% discount
Gold – 15% discount
Platinum – 20% discount

How to earn points:
One points is earned with expenditure of 125 rupees. At platinum level, expenditure of 60 rupees earns you a point.

Free stay:
For Taj Mumbai, 2500 points are required and 5300 points are required for a free stay at Taj Hyderabad.

Redemption of points:
At Vivanta and Gateway brands by Taj, points can be redeemed. There are a number of partners and charities too.

The points expire with an inactivity of 12 months. The upgrading of membership goes like,
Silver – 10 nights or expenditure of 100,000 rupees
Gold – 40 nights or expenditure of 400,000 rupees
Platinum – 80 nights or expenditure of 800,000 rupees

How to join:
Online enrollment which is free if cost. Visit here for further information.

Oberoi Hotels & ResortsOberoi Hotels & Resorts

They provide the simplest reward program without any redemption. Any stay of five nights will be rewarded with a free stay or room upgrades.

Joining cost:
Free of cost

How to join:
During a check out, provide your email address and enroll for the program.
Oberoi has property in Agra, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Shimla, Chandigarh, New Delhi, Kerala, Udiapur, Mumbai, Jaipur, Ranthambhore and Gurgaon.

Terms and conditions:
The programs are modified annually. Sometimes, the stay is required to be at a particular time. The rewards have a limited time period.

You can visit the online site of the hotel: Click here


Their loyalty program is called the Hyatt Gold Passport (now World of Hyatt).

Platinum – 5 stays or 15 nights
Diamond – 25 stays or 50 nights

How to earn points:
Five points are earned for every US dollar spent and 15% bonus for platinum and 30 for diamond.

Free stay:
Points required range from 5000-30000. Points can be used for upgrading of rooms, at restaurants and car rentals.

Redemption of points:
There are expected to be over 100 hotels by 2020 in India and thus, it is a rapidly growing program.
Points expire with a 12 month inactivity.

How to join:
Online and it is free of cost. For more information, visit here

Starwood Hotels and ResortsStarwood Hotels and Resorts

It is considered best in India due to presence of a larger number of hotels.

How to earn points:
Two points are rewarded for every US dollar used. The points increase as the level increases.

Tier system:
Gold and platinum memberships

Free stay:
For this reward, points required are from 3000 to 7000.

Redeeming points:
The Park hotels and ITC hotels are included. Their wide range of partners include over 10 brands, airlines and over 1000 hotels worldwide.

Terms and conditions:
Members are required to display an action annually. Upgrades in memberships are achieved with an increase in stays.

How to join:
Online joining is available.

Cost of enrollment:
Free of cost

The hotels are available in Agra, Aurangabad, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bangalore, Bhopal, Bodhgaya, Chennai, Goa, Srinagar, Pushkar and many more, covering the most states in India.

Starwood hotels, is the online site that can provide you further information.

International Hotels GroupInternational Hotels Group

IHG rewards club is one of the oldest ones having the largest loyalty programs. The levels provide are gold, platinum and spire.

How to earn points:
Ten points can be earned as per every US dollar spent. They provide bonuses as per the levels, with 10% if you are at gold level, 50% at platinum and 100% at spire.

How to redeem points:
It includes over 4000 hotels all over the world with 22 hotel chains in India. The hotels associated are Holiday Inn, Indigo hotels, Holiday Inn Express, Crowne Plaza etc. By the end of the year 2020, 47 new hotels within this program will be launched in India, thus making it a valuable asset here.

Enrollment is online and free of cost.

Club ITCClub ITC

Participation in these hotels and Wills lifestyle stores will help you earn points.

Tier levels:
Silver, gold and Platinum
Silver allows 3% points’ gain, gold allows 4% and platinum 5%.

Redemption of points:
ITC hotels, Wills lifestyle, John Players, Air India, Jet Airways and Bose.

Upgrading membership:
Spending over 25000 at Wills lifestyle for gold and 50000 for platinum. You can also upgrade to gold by having 8 stays or 16 nights at ITC hotels annually for gold and 16 stays or 30 nights for platinum.

How to join:
Stay at an ITC hotel or shop over 7500 at Wills lifestyle.

Cost of enrollment:

You can visit, here,for more information.


Marriott rewards should not be confused with the club. It is a loyalty program provided by the hotels.

Tier system:
Silver, gold, platinum
Points can be earned as per every dollar spent. Bonus for silver is 20%, for gold is 25% and for platinum, it is 50%.

Points to get a free stay:
7500 to 15000

Redemption of points:
They can be redeemed at Countryyard by marriott, ritz Carlton, renaissance etc.

Terms and conditions:
An inactivity for 24 months expires the membership plans. Upgrading the membership requires the person to stay 10 nights for silver, 50 nights for gold and over 75 for platinum.

How to join:
Online enrollment

Cost of joining:
Free of cost

You can visit their online site

Hilton Honors ProgramsHilton Honors Programs

They provide with the most diverse variety of redeeming of points. Read more details here

Tier levels:
Blue, silver, gold, diamond
Points are earned as per US dollar spent with a bonus of 15% at silver, 25% at gold and 50% at diamond.

Free stay:
To get a free stay, you need 20000 to 40000 points.

Redemption of points:
There are over 60 airlines, 12 brands, thousands of hotels worldwide under this chain. The number of hotels is India is 14 and is expected to increase in number.

Terms and conditions:
The reward expires in case if inactivity for a period of 12 months. For silver membership, stay for 10 nights is required, for gold, 40 nights and for diamond, 60 nights.

How to join:
Online joining

Cost of enrollment:
Free of cost

Visit website for more info.

Le Club Loyalty ProgramLe Club Loyalty Program

Provided by Accor Le Club, it has a vast network in Asia. The levels of memberships are classic, silver, gold and platinum.
Points earned are as per every euro spent, ranging from 5 to 25 points.

Free stay:
€40 gets discounted for 2000 points.

Redemption of points:
Spa brands, Thalassa Sea, Ibis Style, Mercure, Sebel, Novotel etc are some areas to redeem your points.
12 months of inactivity expires the rewards.

How to join:
Online enrollment

Cost of joining:
Free of cost

Visit website for more information

Club Carlson Loyalty ProgramClub Carlson Loyalty Program

20 points cans be earned as per every US dollar spent. For a free stay, points required are 9000-70000.

Tier level:
Silver – 15 nights or 10 stays
Gold – 35 nights or 20 stays
Concierge – 75 nights or 30 stays

Redemption of points:
At Radisson Blu, Radisson, Park Inn, Suits by Carlson, Country Inn etc. The conversion of points to airline miles is available.
The plan expires with an inactivity for 24 months.

How to join:
Online joining with no cost

Visit website for more information

The LeelaThe Leela

Their loyalty program, Leela Solitaire, a point is earned by expenditure of 1000 rupees on rooms and 2500 rupees on banquets or conferences.

Redemption of points:
One point is equivalent to 20 rupees. They can be redeemed at leela hotels, lifestyle, Bombay store, shoppers stop etc

Joining is done by invitation and no online enrollment is available. It is free of cost. You can visit here for more info.

The loyalty programs are a great way of assuring a relationship between world class hotels and their members.

The most relevant programs in India are provided by the Taj, Leela, Starwood, Oberoi and Hyatt. With their growing excellence and number in India, they provide a great diversity in rewards and redemption methods.

Keep in mind these loyalty programs the next time you plan a trip and earn rewards. Who doesn’t like to be rewarded!

Show your loyalty and enjoy rewards.

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