What is MMTBLACK loyalty program? How is it different from MMT Double Black introduced by MakeMyTrip? Why do travelers need to know it all in detail? Every question popping up in your heads will be answered.

Make My Trip surely played smart launching MakeMyTrip loyalty programs. Let’s take a look at MMT Black benefits.

MMTBlack Registration

Make My Trip will send you an exclusive invite or you can able to register after logging into your MakeMyTrip account.

MMTBlack Registration

MakeMyTrip MMTBlack Loyalty Program

As you spend with MakeMyTrip, being a MMTBlank member, you will earn wallet+ cash without any restrictions on it.

You will earn MMT wallet cash as you cross milestones, which starts from spending an amount of ₹20000 in total after MMT black login.

MMTBlack Reward Milestone

Use your rewarded wallet cash to earn exciting rewards, like you can redeem it to get flight tickets, stays at luxurious hotels The Oberoi, Trident, Ola vouchers, BookMyShow vouchers and many more.

MMTBlack Milestones

  • Expenditure of ₹20000 with one or more than one hotel bookings will reward you with ₹500 wallet cash. Without any hotel booking, you will get ₹350 wallet+ cash.
  • Expenditure of ₹50000 with two or more than two hotel bookings will reward you with ₹2000 MMT wallet cash. With less than two hotel bookings, you will earn ₹1800 MakeMyTrip wallet cash reward.
  • Expenditure of ₹200000 with three or more than three hotel bookings will reward you with ₹7500 MakeMyTrip wallet cash reward. With less than three hotel bookings, you will get ₹6000 wallet+ cash.
  • Expenditure of ₹500000 with four or more than four hotel bookings will reward you with ₹15000 wallet cash. With less than four hotel bookings, you get ₹12000 wallet+ cash.
Unlocking the MMTBlack Rewards

MMTBlack terms and conditions

  • Being MMT Black customer, you will be earning reward cash as you reach milestones.
  • The wallet cash earned will be added after your travel completion only.
  • The reward cash will be valid for six months.
  • MakeMyTrip wallet cash cannot be transferred to any bank or encashed. You need to redeem your reward cash within six months with makemytrip only.
  • MMT Black spend counter will keep on counting your every expenditure made with MakeMyTrip.
  • Every transaction except cab, homestay, bus and rail will be included.
  • MMT Black termination will require the MMT Black customer to raise a query at [email protected] requesting for termination of program.

Thus, this is all about MMT Black. Frequent travelers should definitely enroll for the MMT Black loyalty program to enjoy exclusive cash rewards.

Earn as you keep on spending with MakeMyTrip. Become a member today and start planning your trips with MMT.

You can enquire about any doubts at MMT Black customer care as well. With MMT Black vouchers and MMT Black offers, enjoy exciting deals.

MMT Double Black and MMT Black

MMT Double Black program is for folks with unstable travel plans. If you are such a traveler that you might need to go for cancellation immediately or addition of a fellow traveler after all bookings have been made, MMT Double Black is surely for you. Spontaneous travelers surely need to be a part of MMT Double Black.

On the other hand, MMTBlack is based on milestones and you get rewarded as you achieve those. Spend more and more with MakeMyTrip and redeem your reward cash!

Read about more offers on our website, from MakeMyTrip to cheap fight bookings, you will find it all here. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

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