Having no lounges of their own, priority pass, a company that started in 1992, has partnered with the best luxurious lounges worldwide giving you access to world class comfort while you wait for your flight on an airport.

Being a member, you get access to over a thousand lounges in over a hundred countries with just one card.

Priority Pass Lounges

A single membership can be that much beneficiary to you that you are provided with immense ease regardless of the airline you travel with or your class of ticket.

You will receive your priority pass card, PP card by mail. You can access lounges under priority pass digitally too. Let us look at various wonders a small PP card can do


• You will find a lounge where ever you travel. The network is amazing and available worldwide.

• You can grab a snack and enjoy a drink before your flight. Some lounges offer free alcohol as well. Get access to a diverse collection of magazines and newspapers too so that your time gets passed smoothly.

• Most lounges provide WiFi connection. Thus, you will stay connected to your network on the go. Also, charge your devices and keep them ready when you board.

• You can download the mobile application of priority pass and get your digital membership card. You can also get airport maps and other digital convenience as per your membership.

• The service is being provided all year, 24X7. Moreover, there are multilingual advisors available for support.

Priority Pass Card Memberships

Priority Pass card memberships

There are three membership levels as per the prices:

PRESTIGE PACKAGE – With payment of $399 per year, you get access to all of the airport lounges.

STANDARD PLUS PACKAGE – With payment of $249, you will be getting ten free access to airport lounges for a year. From your 11th visit, you will have to pay $27 everytime you want to access a priority pass lounge.

STANDARD PACKAGE – With payment of $99, you get a membership where you will have to pay everytime you visit an airport lounge. You will be paying $27 for your every visit to a priority pass airport lounge with this membership.

If you are visiting with a guest or a friend, each additional person will cost you $27.


You can become a member of this prestigious program online by visiting the website given below. You can join if you are above 18 years of age.

Priority Pass Select

For members who get their priority pass memberhsip via US financial institution, priority pass select has been specially designed for those.

It offers access to over 1200 lounges, including lounges across north and south America.

Business and Priority Pass

Companies who value their employees and customers offer them with PP cards so their travel is comfortable, they are treated like VIPs, they enjoy a superior travel and they can find a lounge in almost every airport, thus, can wait in peace.

For companies where more than ten members travel regularly, there are corporate membership rates too. You can contact priority pass helpline regarding buying membership at – +44 203 725 0774

Enroll online on their website or choose any of the three packages discussed.

For frequent travelers who need to spend too much time in airports, priority pass is a blessing for you will be getting away from the crowd and can complete your pending tasks while enjoying the luxurious services.

A breakthrough in the world of traveling, priority pass is sheer luxury and peace. It is truly every penny spent!