Saving tips for travelling

Saving Tips for Travelling

Travelling is the best way to rejuvenate and revitalize your life. In today’s world, routines are so hectic that nobody has enough time to savor the beauty and blessing this life is. Thus, we all need to step out once in a while and relish the fun of travelling.

With the growing expenses, it has become harder to organize and save for travel plans. So, we are here to help you with ideas to cut off useless expenses and reserve a part of it for your refreshing trips.

The foremost step for the best results is to pen down all your expenses in a notepad. Be honest! Write approximate money you spend on bills, food, vehicle maintenance, shopping etc. monthly. Now, analyze the areas where the bucks are worth saving. You need to be strategic.

Avoid restaurants

Avoid restaurants
You can cook yourself rather than spending money in restaurants eating junk. Just for a month or two even, save and plan for wonderful journeys of your life. You will also be saving your health in addition to the money. Stay healthy, stay adventurous.

Buy second hand items

Buy second hand items
Need a sofa or a chair? Why spend thousands when you can be smarter and spend fewer! There are online platforms that help you buy used household items at cheaper rates. Use the technology in right ways and flourish.

Cut the cable

Cut the cable
With everyone having their smartphones and latest applications allowing you to watch every show and movie, do you really need a cable connection? Why spend the currency worthlessly.

Lower your car maintenance

Lower your car maintenance
Vehicles can be avoided and public transport used, especially metro. It will reduce a lot of expenses and is a very economic choice. Also, lesser use of vehicles is a healthier option for us and the environment. The less we use them, the less bucks are spent on their service, and the more savings. Moreover, in areas where metro is not available yet, you can always use Ola and UberPOOL to book cabs. In the era of smartphones, it has become so much easier to save. Ola share can be highly useful when it comes to reasonable travelling. Share you cab and split the money. Save as much as you can.

Earn extra

Earn extra
Part time jobs are a great way to enhance savings. Don’t remain free and utilize your leisure time so that your planned vacation goes smoothly. Your hardwork today can do wonders tomorrow. No matter how cheap, a good holiday requires a good budget. Don’t underestimate yourself and start working to have a better future.

Avoid alcohol

Avoid alcohol
Alcohol costs so much and if avoided, can be very helpful in creating a great budget for your travel.

Sell unused stuff

Sell unused stuff
We all have such stuff that either was never used or is not used anymore. Why keep the junk at home? Sell online staying right at home and earn. Save for a luxurious holiday.

Spend less on shopping

Spend less on shopping
We know you like that dress a lot, but is it more important than the time you and your family will spend together on the upcoming vacation? You can buy it later anytime. Save today to have an adventurous journey and the best times of your life.

off season travelling

Off season travelling
Travel when the rates are the cheapest. Even the go light rates vary with the time of the month and time of the day. There are various applications, like Skyscanner, that will help you compare the flight rates and save a lot of bucks that can be utilized somewhere else. Flight rates tend to be higher on weekends, so avoid booking on Fridays and Saturdays. Instead, try to book on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


Travel plans
Certain banks, like ICICI, provide their customers with the facility of saving money that can be used in recreational and other purposes. The iWish of ICICI bank is a very smart and convenient choice for savings. It is always hard to save at home for we all tend to spend it when required. Why not let the bank do that job for us? Your savings will be safe and you can easily plan your budget.


Smart stay
The most difficult budget to manage, as per my personal view, is of the hotel stay. So why go for that? It is 21st century where tourism has expanded enormously. Plan a smart stay at hostels, rentals, home stays etc. You can explore Airbnb,a hospitality service, and find innumerable of these cheaper alternatives. Use your smart phone smartly to save your money. Another famous application for this purpose is Couch Surfing Travel application. Download today and spend lesser on stays.


Travel Hacking
Like the name, the concept is interesting as well. You can use travel credit cards in day-to-day shopping and your expenditure will earn you points. These points can be converted into miles and will help you get free flights and many more. The sign up itself is rewarding. Travel credit cards are a sign of a smarter traveller. Get one issued and earn points. Select your travel credit card with the best offers and the best bank interests. Your shopping habit might finally help you earn free or cheaper travels.

Travel Hacking easy, you can learn hereHow to Travel the World for Free

Deals and Promotion

Keep your eyes open
Be alert regarding any offers and rewards of hotels and flights. Travel newsletters will help you stay up-to-date and you will know every recent deal and promotion. Also, hotel reward points earned by being loyal to a particular hotel can help you get free stays. Keep an eye on the airline frequent flyers and know whenever the rates are the cheapest. Plan smartly and accordingly. Find the plans that suit you the most and travel the world. The traveller inside you awaits your participation. Your bucket list will not go waste anymore.

Start today strategically because you can. Plan a trip with your friends and family. Save to make it the best. Travel makes one’s life adventurous. Tell the tales afterwards and help others in saving for travels also. Now you know so many ideas. Try them out and spread them out too. You are a traveller. Start saving today.

Tell me which saving tips work for you? or Do you have any other saving tips for travelling? Post Comment

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