Traveled from India to Europe & Russia for just Rs 30,000

Buckle up, for the context you are about to read is too adventurous. Yes, the statement that you read, about “Traveled from India to Europe & Russia for just Rs 30,000“, is true and I applied the simplest travel hacks to save a lot of my money.

I made up my mind to share this intriguing tale after I met my friends who exclaimed that traveling the world is too expensive.

Last week, I had a chance to meet some of my old friends. We were talking about traveling and sharing our adventurous journeys, when one of them, who had recently traveled to Europe, said, “Traveling the world is one of the most expensive luxuries”.

I saw others nodding in agreement and they started asking me about how I managed to travel to so many countries.

My traveling plan from India to Europe and Russia in ₹30,000 included:

  • 11 flights
  • 1 cruise
  • 1 bus

And traveling through 8 countries (7 in Europe and 1 in Russia)

Just take a look at the photo beneath to understand my travel plan. It includes details of my flights, routes and the amount I spent. Also, you can appreciate the plan in the map.

Flight Route Map

Euro Trip - Route Map

No.OriginDestinationOne-way/ReturnAirlinesPrice in INRKmsCost/Kms in INR
1DelhiMoscowReturnAir Manas1459086201.69
2MoscowRomeOne-wayBrussels Airline346724001.44
3RomeBarcelonaOne-wayRyan Air13568591.58
4BarcelonaParisOne-wayRyan Air119610351.16
5ParisStockholmOne-wayRyan Air119618680.64
6StockholmHelsinkiOne-wayNorwegian Air24474006.12
9St.PetersburgMoscowOne-wayNorwind Airlines16127002.30

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I combined multi trip option and economic traveling via cruises and buses.

You too can choose suitable travel hacks to make your life smarter and adventurous. I started this website so that everyone can acknowledge a traveler’s world and latest hacks one can follow.

I will keep on providing real life experiences to boost you guys up and trending deals as they are introduced.

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