I’m so excited and really couldn’t stop myself from sharing with you on how I have unlocked my happiness with travel. Enjoying what we do and spreading the joy of happiness is being awesome for me! And traveling is my happiness ?

The more you travel, you will meet a better version of yourself!

If I look back at who I was before I began traveling, I could say that it has changed me to more awesome now than I used to be!

My Friends always asks me how I manage my time with work and travel both since I’m also a working professional who spends aprx. 8-10 hours a day at work.

It’s just the extra hour which I have took out from my routine and gifted myself with a happier life. This my way needs little efforts and I was my own travel agent.

Is traveling Expensive?

Most of us has a dream for traveling but only a few can put efforts to turn it into reality as they think traveling is quite expensive. But it’s not!

Major cost for any travel is flights and accommodation. But there are many budget carriers which offers flight tickets for a cheaper price. The only trick is to grab the best deal!

I could say traveling is not expensive because I was tracking my spending habits for a period and had cut down some extra expenses where I could find some alternatives to it.

I had routed most of my spending to rewarding cards which adds up to my miles and had realized that could really fund my international trips.

To make it simple, if i want to save Rs. 36,000 for my next trip after 8 months, i only need to save Rs.150 per day. It feels more attainable if we track where our spending goes.

My Journey with travel hacking:

I have experienced the culture from more than 12 countries from the past 12 months with just a few travel hacks. Traveling is like a Magnet to me. Every completed trip attracted for planning my next vacation!

Signing up for a travel credit card is the first step for any travel hacker.

I had signed up for the Jet Airways American Express credit card and the accumulated miles could easily get me free tickets for the travel and also being flexible with my travel dates and timings, and booking the flight tickets early, flying in a budget carrier all were added advantages

I found much cheaper tickets when I had chosen multi trip option instead for a direct flight.

Used an alternative for hotels with hospitality websites like couchsurfing and apartment rental sites like Airbnb which was comparatively a lot cheaper.

So, will it still be a dream when you can get crazy deals for flights like me? Unlock the whole new way you travel. Create your own best-selling stories.

Now let me show you the reasons how and why I became more awesome with traveling.


Who doesn’t want to be a happy person? Give the freedom to yourself and experience the happiness you get out of it.

Traveling has taught me being happy, less materialistic and I started enjoying being a minimalist because I realized what is needed to lead a truly happy life.

Experiences make people happier than buying any tangible things. Anticipating the upcoming vacations before it even happens gives a lot more energy.


I became smarter in planning trips, started taking solo journeys and truly makes every decision for myself.

Having new experiences in different countries helped me in learning their culture and history with better understanding than what I read in books.

Many things were taught by on road experience rather than from books.

When I compare the trips from when I started traveling to the recent ones, they were well planned, more controlled and lot cheaper deals I could get.

More social:

We get more comfortable with strangers, makes friends on the go and feels more alive with traveling.

We share most unique relationships with them and will realize people are good no matter what their background is.

More confident:

Traveling to new places, navigating the unknown cities, searching for the affordable stay, checking for the best deals, all these had made me a confident person and more empowering.

This is useful in my everyday life where I became smarter in making decisions.

More adaptable:

This is really an important trait I loved. Just a change in the attitude can solve problems easily as there will not be every situation which goes according to our plans.

We learn to adapt to different situations quickly with an ease.

No doubt, traveling is amazing, a life changing experience and it’s showing me the brighter sides of the world.

Hope my story inspired you!