Air Vistara is a joint venture of Tata Sons- Singapore Airlines and one of the finest service carriers of India and recently Air Vistara has announced the launch of “Vistara Freedom Fares” which is designed to accelerate the empowerment of customers to choose the best way to select a “Fare” option from many that suited them according to their convenience and give full freedom to choose and plan their journey by air according to their budget.

It also announced a wireless streaming in-flight entertainment service. The service of Air Vistara under the initiative of “Vistara Freedom Fares” will be going starting from August 2, 2018, across it all 21 fleet size.

The initiative of Air Vistara named Vistara Freedom Fares comes with a tagline of “pay for what you value” that takes care of every passenger’s pocket that is why the fares of Vistara will be categorized into four options across economy, premium economy, and business class cabins to make them pocket or budget friendly for every customer.

Those four options are- Lite, Value, Standard, and Flexi. So, customers can easily avail lower fares according to their budget with a complimentary meal which offered by the service carrier of Air Vistara.

Air Vistara opens the gates for everyone who is planning to travel in economy class on Vistara.

Here are the detailed fare features and benefits of #VistaraFreedomFares at a glance, by cabin class.
— Vistara (@airvistara) July 31, 2018

The carrier under this initiative will also offer a flyer access to pre-loaded wireless streaming of entertainment content on their laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

The difference in fares between Flexi and Economy Lite class is totally depends on the journey of the flight and time of the day when you travel.

The difference could be as wide as Rs. 500, Rs. 1500 or just a few hundred rupees as well.

There is no complimentary meal available on “Lite” fare option and available to economy class passengers only but you can easily able to buy drinks and snacks in flight.

Passengers can take up to 15 kilograms of luggage or baggage for free, exceeding the weight of the baggage may charge you with some amount per kilogram.

All the fares come in effect from August 2 onwards but the Economy Lite option will start from August 29.

The “Value” fare option is for the premium economy and business class passengers and passengers can easily do some changes and cancellation of flight with some fee.

On the other hand, the “Standard” fare option is for all the three categories of classes which provide some additional allowance for baggage and lowers the change in flight or cancellation fees.

Whereas, “Flexi” fare option is also for all the classes in which passengers can avail free baggage allowance, boarding, priority check-in, free change, and cancellations.