Axis Bank Vistara Credit Cards

Credit cards are a necessity today and finding the suitable card with the best offers is a tough task. We can help you know about various schemes and you can easily choose the one most suitable as per your expenditure and lifestyle. In the following context, we will enlighten you regarding co-branded credit cards by Axis Bank.

Latent for a long time, Axis Bank has spent their dedication in designing rather than introducing creative deals. The competition, like HDFC and American Express, offer far better deals and services. No doubt, Axis needs to start working on a lot of areas, but its club Vistara cards still outrun several in the market, especially Vistara Signature Credit Card.

Club Vistara is one of the famous frequent flyer programs available in India initiated by Vistara. It has Axis Bank as one of its non airline partners. Club Vistara is surely the fastest rewarding frequent flyer program we have. Axis bank club Vistara Card provides its clients with great offers, deals, discounts and the best methods to earn reward points for free flights and upgrades.

Enjoy finer flying comforts & earn CV Points with each swipe of the Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card.
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Axis Bank Vistara Credit Card – Platinum
The cheapest credit card by Axis Bank club Vistara with the annual fee of ₹1500, it is an advantage for the middle class genre seeking luxurious rewarding lifestyle. As you enroll for this Axis Bank club Vistara Card, you get a free economy class ticket. With every ₹200 spent, you earn 2 CV reward points. Addition to free flight rewards, upon enrollment you also get membership to club Vistara. They provide with exclusive offers on weekends and special discounts on dining by axis bank dining delights. The milestones set are 1.25 and 2.5 lakhs and as they are spent, you can get upto 1000 CV points or two economy flight tickets.

Axis Bank Vistara Signature Credit Card
Their first reward on joining this co-branded Vistara credit card is a premium economy ticket. With this axis bank club vistara card, you get 4 CV points on every ₹200 spent. The milestones under this card are – 1.5 lakhs, 3 lakhs and 4.5 lakhs. With every milestone crossed, you can win upto three premium economy class flight tickets or upto 3000 CV points. Discounts with dining delights of axis bank and special offers exclusively for you on extraordinary weekends by axis bank are provided. Annual fee to be paid is ₹3000. Also, with joining, you get a Club Vistara silver membership.

Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card
As you apply for this axis bank club Vistara card, you get a complementary business class ticket as a reward. With this credit card, every ₹200 spent will reward the individual with 6 CV points. There are milestones and whenever a specific milestone is crossed, you get outstanding rewards. The milestone spends are as following – 2.5 lakhs is the first milestone, 5 lakhs is the second and then is 7.5 lakhs. You get up to 10000 CV points or three business class flight tickets as you achieve milestones. Other offers associated with this card are – Club Vistara gold membership, Extraordinary weekends by axis bank with exclusive deals, amazing discounts and many more. The annual fee for this credit card is ₹10,000.

You can enroll online on the website –

The basic details to be provided are your name, pre existing membership to club Vistara if any, whether you are a customer of axis bank, your state, city and contact number. I, personally, recommend Axis Bank Vistara Signature Card, for it is economic with wider and better deals and promotions.

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