Who doesn’t love travelling, especially international trips. But biggest chunk of any trip is finding cheapest international air tickets and sometimes the cost of it may be more than half of the total cost. Getting cheapest air tickets is like finding the holy grail.

There are different ways to find cheaper ones, it may be booking on a specific day of week or flying on certain day, reserving months before, planning in off-peak season, early morning flights, going to nearest airport, choosing multi-trip or different routes, using flight search engines.

There is no any magic wand for finding cheap airline flight tickets and this article is not about it.

I will share some of the hacks and strategy which I have followed to book some of the cheapest international air tickets.

See how I traveled from India to Europe & Russia for just Rs 30,000

Before I am listing down the cheap international air tickets that I have ever booked, we need to understand – What price can be called as cheapest.

It is totally subjective, depends on many factors that airline consider in their airline ticketing system.

They use sophisticated algorithm for dynamic pricing keeping different parameters like number of seats booked, competitors pricing, baggage, weather, routes, places, premium services, add-ons and many more things than what we could imagine…

Rome2Rio Travel Report

2018 Global Flight Price Ranking

To cut short this, we directly jump to Rome2rio website, a travel planning company which recently released report called “2018 Global Flight Price Ranking: What’s the world’s cheapest airline?”, their data scientist revealed snapshot of global pricing (in US$ per km) across international and domestic airlines. The cheapest airline in the world (only international) is Air Asia X, just 0.07 USD (~ Rs 5) average price per kilometre followed by Air India Express (0.08), Indonesia AirAsia (0.08), Primera Air (0.09) and IndiGo Airlines (0.10).

How they arrived at these figures, as per Rome2rio website – they analysed economy-class airfares over a period of two month, totalling approx. 1.5 million price points.

Don’t worry if it’s too technical for you. Finally, they arrived cheapest cost per kilometres for the airline.

I assume they might have been calculated realistic in terms of price per kilometre, this could be backed up with last year report by DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) that shows the cost of long-distance air travel in the country is Rs 5 per kilometre which is less than auto-rickshaw (tuk-tuk) fares.

This means as simple as this for us: Distance between origin and destination places divided by cost of the ticket. The lesser the quotient, the cheaper the price.

Here are awesomely cheapest international air tickets (in Indian Rupees) I booked, some of them are as less than as Re 1 which far from world’s cheapest airlines.

No. Origin Destination One-way/Return Airlines Price Kms Cost/Kms in INR
1 Dubai Manila One-way Cebu Pacific 2731 6904 0.40
2 Hong Kong Boston Return Air Canda 10941 25756 0.42
3 Manila Dubai One-way Cebu Pacific 3989 6904 0.58
4 Paris Stockholm One-way Ryan Air 1196 1868 0.64
5 Manila Gaum Return Cebu Pacific 5225 5138 1.02
6 Barcelona Paris One-way Ryan Air 1196 1035 1.16
7 Kiev Istanbul Return Ukraine International 2466 2120 1.16
8 Manila Shanghai Return Cebu Pacific 4475 3698 1.21
9 Bengaluru Kuala Lumpur Return Air Asia 7054 5760 1.22
10 Dubai Kiev Return Ukraine International 6976 4916 1.42
11 Moscow Rome One-way Brussels Airline 3467 2400 1.44
12 Kuala Lumpur Perth Return Air Asia 12121 8352 1.45
13 Rome Barcelona One-way Ryan Air 1356 859 1.58
14 Delhi Moscow Return Air Manas 14590 8620 1.69

What if I say, we can travel the world for free.. Here is the concept called travel hacking which allowed me to travel Rs 42 thousand business class airline ticket for just under Rs 2 thousand.


1. Dubai to Manila

Cheapest International Air Tickets Dubai to Manila

2. Hong Kong to Boston

Cheapest International Air Tickets Hong Kong to Boston

3. Manila to Dubai

Cheapest International Air Tickets

4. Paris  to Stockholm

Cheapest International Air Tickets Paris to Stockholm

5. Manila to Gaum (USA)

Cheapest International Air Tickets Manila to Gaum

6. Barcelona  to Paris

Cheapest International Air Tickets Barcelona to Paris

7. Kiev to Istanbul

Cheapest International Air Tickets Kiev to Istanbul

8. Manila to Shanghai

Cheapest International Air Tickets Manila to Shanghai

9. Bengaluru to Kuala Lumpur

Cheapest International Air Tickets Bengaluru to Kuala Lumpur

10. Dubai to Kiev

Cheapest International Air Tickets Dubai to Kiev

11. Moscow to Rome

Cheapest International Air Tickets Moscow to Rome

12. Kuala Lumpur to Perth

Cheapest International Air Tickets Kuala Lumpur to Perth

13. Rome to Barcelona

Cheapest International Air Tickets Rome to Barcelona

14. Delhi to Moscow

Cheapest International Air Tickets Delhi to Moscow

Share your cheapest international air tickets you ever booked