It is high time for governments to come together and acknowledge that they have to invest in technology that benefits their people.
– Kersti Kaljulaid, President of  Estonia

e-Residency – A glimpse to future

Estonia, a member of Europian Union (EU), became the first country to start e-residency. It was established in 2014. A brilliant idea and a glimpse of what the future beholds, e-residency will change the way we live, work and progress.With this program and you can expand your business to the largest market in the world, EU Single Market. From fresh startups, well established companies to freelancers, this program can help you expand your business in Estonia while you take a sip of your coffee sitting in India or anywhere in the world.

The E-Residency offered by Republic of Estonia is a government issued digital identity that can be opted by anyone in the world. This digital identity will give the person access to online business independent of location. The basic idea is to have a digital ID that can even help a person being identified in emergencies. Let us take a look at how this program works.

Why should we be e-residents?
An e-resident can establish online company in Estonia in just one day. Individuals can monitor transactions and manage the company online being anywhere on the globe. You get access to e-banking, international payment services, transfer of contracts and documents digitally, digital signed files transmissions, declaring of taxes and management of accounts.

You can become a king in entrepreneurialism and expand your business worldwide. The start-up costs are quite low. You get to establish a new company at highly reasonable rates that can be managed from anywhere. There is no corporate tax in Estonia and there occurs re-investment of profits, thus, providing a great platform for entrepreneurs to earn. You will also get access to digital signing and digital identification. This has been proven to be as effective and trustworthy as handwritten signature and face to face identification. The Estonian banking is know for being secure and user friendly. You can open an account being an e-resident. You can become a hallmark in the greatest single market of the world, the EU market, and can earn money and fame worldwide. Holvi business is giving e-residents one month free banking and this can be grabbed by using code ERESIDENCY. Many more offers will be available for e-residents as this is just a beginning of a new era.

Four steps to success
You just need to follow four basic steps to get on the highway to success.
1. Online apply for e-residency. You will get a smart ID card that you need to collect from the Estonian Embassy in New Delhi. Visit to apply.
2. Obtain Estonian registered address by contacting the virtual office service providers.
3. Go for company registration and establish your company online.
4. To gain access to financial services, you need to open a bank account in an Estonian Bank.

Members like Genpact, Woodland, AirAisa India etc have shared their experiences and are expanding their stores and business as well. You too can become a part of this wonderful program.

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A detailed article regarding e-residency will be uploaded soon on our website. Stay tuned for a precise but comprehensive context regarding this latest program offering innumerable opportunities and a great platform to gain wealth and expand business.