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Technology moves so quickly that if you are not thinking about what’s next, the world around you can change faster than you do. – Joe Gebbia

Airbnb provides online hospitality and travel services which can be accessed using their online website and airbnb application for mobiles. It is well established in over 190 countries covering more than 65000 cities all over the world. Airbnb does not own the lodgings or rooms, but is a company that works as a broker, thus, it gets a commission from the fee of guests and room providers. You can easily rent a room, hostel, hotel rooms, home stays etc with airbnb for a short duration for vacation. Airbnb HQ, headquarter is situated in San Francisco, US. The airbnb founders are – Brian Chesky, CEO, Nathan Blecharczyk and Joe Gebbia. Providing with one of the most reasonable yet safe hospitality services worldwide, airbnb has grown tremendously over last few years. Especially for travelers seeking low budget lodgings and home stays with proper privacy, comfort and facilities, airbnb will provide you home like feel at distant places.

All the information you need is given in the context below. Find out more about airbnb and grab all its deals and offers to save plenty of bucks.

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What is Airbnb?
Airbnb provides rentals, homestay facility, short term stays, lodging, hostel beds booking, hotels and apartment renting services. No property is owned by Airbnb, rather they get their commission from our booking and the owner of the property providing stay services. Thus, everyone, from the guests to the host, are happy. Airbnb makes the people seeking for stay meet the ones providing hospitality services. It is hard to book a room, especially, during festivals and vacations. So, why waste time looking for expensive hotel rooms when you can book rentals and hostels on airbnb! It is a very simple procedure and you will be thrilled seeing how reasonable the rates are. Every kind of rental and hospitality service is available on airbnb. Let us see how it actually works.

Follow Airbnb host, Ketaki, as she shares the beauty of Diwali with her guest Karina in Gurugram, India.
Happy Diwali!
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Airbnb registration can be made online on airbnb website or on mobile application for android and apple phones. Airbnb account is created for free. On every booking, airbnb charges a guest and a host service fee. Usually the airbnb guest service fee is 6-12% and airbnb host service charges are 3-5%. In case the airbnb host offers it’s guests extra excursion activities, the commission charged is 20% extra. Airbnb filters can be applied while making a search, which includes location, date, type of lodging etc. You can sort the list from low price to high or vice versa. Prior to booking, you need to provide your name, email address, that serves as the airbnb email on which you will get all the latest information, contact number, payment method information and is asked, a valid identity proof. In case there are any house rules introduced by the airbnb host, the guest needs to follow those.

Airbnb reviews are available about every rental, hotel, hostel, apartment etc. You can call airbnb host to ask for any queries.

Airbnb Safety
They assure the identity is real and have provided with user profiles of airbnb hosts. There is a very good rating system as well. Check out airbnb reviews of the lodging before booking. Guests and hosts, both become familiar by sharing their user profiles and learn about each other before actually meeting. Joe Gebbia, airbnb founder claimed that airbnb has been designed for trust.

Offer Lodging
You can become a part of the airbnb host family if you have a place that can be rented it used for hospitality related services. After airbnb login, select host in the menu. You can enter details and pricing will be of your choice, though airbnb recommends rates for ease. Your listing doesn’t go public until you have published it. You can go for different rates according to week days and seasons. You need to add, in detail, the description, house rules, available dates, cancellation policies, photographs of the lodging and facilities provided. To decline or accept a booking made, airbnb host gets 24 hours, if instant book feature is not applied. Terms and conditions regarding the formalities are available online on the airbnb website according to the cities. Income taxes maybe applicable to the host. If you are willing to start hospitality services and earn extra income, you should try airbnb. It is simpler and far organized. Use your smart phones to earn and let more money enter your pockets. You can also find airbnb jobs on LinkedIn.

Private Messaging Facility
You can use airbnb contact facility or messaging the airbnb host before booking to assure the safety and other issues.

The airbnb payment is secure and are made online. 24 hours after checking in, payments are processed.

Link Accounts
You can link your airbnb account to other social media accounts like, Facebook, airbnb Instagram etc. Share your experiences with friends and family and also, host may get information regarding common friends or interests.

Airbnb Wish List
You can make a list of your favourite destinations and lodgings that you would like to visit when you travel to that particular place.

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Airbnb News
Keep yourself up to date by checkin out the latest deals and experiences that airbnb provides. Apart from hospitality, they organize experiences and excursion activities, that sometimes do not require rentals. Join their tours and airbnb experiences to make your like adventurous and thrilling.

Airbnb Long Term
You can also book for long term stays, like for a month or more, but you need to make a down payment for the first month. Further payment is collected as monthly installments. The cancellation requires a 30 days notice before termination.

Call airbnb on their toll free number available 24*7.
000 800 4405 103

Airbnb login and registration can be made on their website –

Download airbnb mobile application by clicking on the link below.

ExTra Info:

Airbnb Open Homes
For evacuated residents, airbnb offers free of cost housing services. Airbnb free facility is provided to hurricane and other disaster victims to provide emergency shelter. Airbnb hosts can donate their lodging for this purpose.

Airbnb office
Are you looking for a creative job? Work in airbnb office in New Delhi, where vacancies are still available. Grab every opportunity. You can apply for a photography post as a freelancer and work part-time pursuing your passion. Check out more on the airbnb website.

Airbnb Logo
Designed in the font Lineto’s Circular, the nickname of airbnb logo is bélo, pronounced as bay loh. It describes four principles – Airbnb, people, love and places that have been combined to form an ‘A’ shape.

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Whether you want to start your hospitality business or are looking for a safe rental, your search successfully ends on airbnb. It is such a convenient concept bringing the ones seeking shelter to the ones willing to provide it. Travel the world feeling like a local to that particular place with airbnb. Try their application now and share your experiences with us. Your stories make our days shine brighter. We can guide you on your next travel and help you save a lot of money and suggest you rewards programs. Do contact us for your queries and further guidance. Find more about hotels and travel hacks on our website. Travel safe and smart.