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Here are the best money saving travel tips. Travel keeps mind fresh and healthy. But the money it requires is the main concern due to which many people tend to travel less in spite of having time and energy. You need not have heavy pockets to seek adventurous traveling life. All you need is to know some really useful travel hacks to save money. Easy and durable travel tips are here for you so that you live your life to the fullest. Now money will never be an issue whenever you plan to pack your bags. This article will guide you regarding way to save money on flights. Give a good read and try this amazing travel hack.

How to Save on Airline Ticket using Multi trip option

Many of you might wonder that how it even is possible. As quoted by Rumi –

When setting out on a journey, do not seek advice from those who have never left home.

We have traveled and learnt about the best travel hacks by experiencing them ourselves. You can always seek a helping hand and do things the right way.
Airline tickets cost so much that most of us avoid traveling. Enter the smart travel world. The multi trip option is a smarter way to book flight tickets.

A friend of mine is going to book flight tickets for her November journey. This how we helped her save for her trip using multi city trip flight travel hack
She has to visit Riga for a business tour in November. For a return trip from Delhi to Riga and back to Delhi, if booked directly, would have costed her ₹35,859 in economy class flight ticket. Now applying the multi trip option and choosing an alternate route, which is, first she would go from Delhi to Muscat City, then from Muscat City to Riga, then Riga to Muscat and back to Delhi. This trip will cost her ₹27,272.
Moreover, she also will get to visit Muscat City for a short vacation and thus, we helped her save over ₹8000.

Here we posted same in our deals page: Cheap tickets from Delhi to Riga, Latvia for ₹ 27272

Delhi to Riga Return Ticket
Delhi to Riga Return Trip

Multi-city trip option
An easy and smart way to book flight tickets. Choose the cheapest alternative route to your destination which may cross multiple cities and you will be saving a lot of money. This is, by far, the best way to save on flights. Now you know the secret about how to save on plane tickets. Try it out yourself. You just need to choose the right airline and the cheapest routing and you also get to visit many cities in the money you where going to visit just one. This information is not made as transparent by airlines as it should be, for booking a direct flight, either one way or return, is expensive and advantageous to them. Be a clever traveler as now you know the best way to plan a trip. Pick your destination, choose the most economic route with multi-city trip option and save money. Go for indirect alternative routes to your destination of choice and save money when booking flight ticket online.

You can try it on our favorite website of Momondo

You can book also on Skyscanner, Makemytrip, Goibibo, Expedia, Yatra, with Jet Airways, Etihad Airlines etc. You can find the option everywhere, all you need is to know about it and it being far cheaper. Be a smart traveler by opting for Multi City Trip Flight booking.

Delhi to Riga MultiTrip
Delhi to Riga Multi-city

Things to NOTE in multi city trip option
As you book flights indirectly traveling to more number of cities, it takes longer time to reach your destination. Thus, an urgent trip needs to be a direct one. One can go for a multi trip option of flight booking when one has time. Moreover, sometimes visa might be required to get access to traveling in some cities included in your multi trip. People who avoid longer flight journeys should not go for multi trip travel hack. Other than these points, multi trip flight booking gives you access to cheapest routes and tickets.

Multi city trip does not give you the quickest route but provides you with the cheapest one. Know more about travel hacks that might be useful to you on our travel blog.

Provide us with your honest feedback and share your experiences. Plan your adventurous journeys. Seek advice and save money. Make your life adventurous traveling and exploring the world, that too without spending much bucks. Travel hacks will help you save your money.