Travel hacking is my favourite hobby because it saves plenty of my bucks. Finding latest trends about traveling, I came across cheap transportation, hitchhiking. Hitch hiking is a way for low budget travel around the globe. I love the term and its concept! It basically means cheap transportation, where you ask for a lift and ride either free or by paying a small amount of cash.

But altogether, it’s an amazing way to save a lot of money. There is a paradise for hitch hikers and every latest news regarding hitch hiking can be found there. This paradise I talk of is Hitch wiki. I explored the website and will guide you now on how awesome it is for travelers. Before I do that, the one question every mind might be thinking of right now is about its safety and let me assure you, the world is a far better place than you imagine and every corner of it is a wonderful adventure waiting for our courageous actions.

Hitch Wiki

Hitch hiking, which is also known as thumbing or lifting, is a type of a transport where the traveler is given a ride for free. It is not limited to buses, cars, trucks and trains, but you can also go for boat hitching and air hitching. There are plenty of hitch hikers worldwide and they provide economical transport along their journeys. Ask for a lift by drawing on a board or writing a slogan or simply point your thumb. Travel cheap and smart.

On the website, you can find techniques to hitch hike, advices like where to hitch hike, important stuff you should carry along etc. If it’s your first time, don’t let fear blind you and get a map first. You will find tips, safety content, tricks and techniques to become a smarter hitch hiker. If you are not yet a part of this daring adventure, join today and read their feed. You will be glad discovering travelers’ tales in their blog section. There are contests and clubs too that you can participate in. Create your account to be a part of this vast and free community.

Apart from this, hitch wiki folks are building an accommodation facility too. is for hitch hikers providing hospitality services.

Trustroots is now 10 000 members strong!
— Hitchwiki (@hitchwiki) August 31, 2015

Visit the website for yourself to join

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Stay tuned for the latest traveling related trends. Stay adventurous!!