Traveling doesn’t require money, but courage and proper planning. The costliest aspect of traveling is the stay and we have been providing you with great ideas to cut off your expenses there. There are innumerable travel hacks to choose from. Having described about couch surfing, au pair, WWOOF and trusted house sitters, another way to save your hospitality cost is by doing hostel jobs in your dream destination and enjoy free accommodation, or you might even get paid for the job. Working at a local hostel will not only save your bucks, but will provide you with an opportunity to interact and learn their culture and locality. Make your trips under the guidance of a local to enhance your efficacy and planning. Hostel job is your ticket to free stay, your chance to save more than you actually spend on traveling and stays.

How and where to look for hostel jobs?

We have provided with the link where you can find real life experiences and create your own profile to enter the smart world of traveling. On the website, one can search for jobs as well as workers. The site also features worker profiles for better accessibility. Get featured to increase your chances of getting hired. There are over 2000 jobs worldwide and you can be the next traveler staying for free there. Follow the Hostel Jobs link  & Hostel Worker link to explore more .

Hostel job is appropriate for travelers who have sufficient time as the job contract might require you to stay for a minimum period of some weeks. Also, this travel hack is fit for those having flexible schedules for job hours can be more.

Are hostels safe and clean?

What we encounter the most in case of hostel stays is the myth of them being dirty that people believe in due to hostels’ messy portrayal in movies. It is not at all true. Hostels are safe and clean and not only youngsters but even aged people prefer hostels over costly hotels. Hostels can be loud and hinder ones privacy but they are where the best travel stories are born.

We made a map showing hostels offering work exchange! #hostels #hosteljob #workabroad #yolo
— The Hostel Worker (@Thehostelworker) January 12, 2015

What sort of works is offered in hostels?

Usually, the jobs are quite simple and easy to do. They can be handling reception, changing beds, laundry etc. These tasks are mostly the day to day ones we do for ourselves. Some hostels might offer monetary allowance for hostel management jobs in addition to free accommodation.

Thus, hostel management can be your chance to explore the world. You won’t be staying at someone’s home, like you do in au pair; you won’t have to work in a farm, like you would have to under WWOOF; neither will you be taking care of someone’s pet, like you would be required to as a house sitter. If the listed options weren’t suitable for you, hostel jobs surely is. Become an independent traveler and work while you travel. Plan your next trip using suitable travel hacks and see for yourself the amount you save.

Stay tuned for more travel hacks and ways to save money. Adios!