A trend for travelers to follow to save plenty of bucks! Just like a baby sitter, why don’t you try being a house sitter and save hospitality charges of your trip?! House carers is a website that brings the people in need of a house sitter closer to people providing the service. Moreover, pet sitting is even more intriguing. As a traveler and a dog lover, I would love to take care of a house having a pet, so I get to make new friends on my foreign trip.

Established in 2000, house Carers have been doing this divine service under an organized and secure environment. There are guidelines to make sure you find the most genuine sitter or a house requiring the service. Letting someone else stay at your place might be hard but your pets’ routine will be kept intact and they won’t feel lonely. Travelers are adventurers who care and see this world as a better place to love and share. Being one, I know the joy of experiencing new cultures and greeting this world with a huge smile. Our website will make travelers life worry free and economic. Let us take a deeper look at how house sitting works:

How to subscribe?
You need to register on the website and nominate your areas. You will be asked about your preferences, whether you like pets, your schedule and flexibility, location, availability etc. You should start with a non paid membership, though its limited, it will give you a good idea. Matches are made as per your profile and you can chat online with the other party. Annual membership costs $50. After your subscription, matching is done as per your preferences and location.

You can find tips and help to become a better house sitter on the website too. Build your profile to get more matches and start saving your money. Explore it today!

Standard Guidelines
Every contract of house sitting is different, but there are standard guidelines followed. At the end, the tasks and responsibilities to inform and clarify the sitter are of the house owner. The general contract includes:

  • Acceptance of cleaning and maintaining home, pets, pools, gardens and yards.
  • Ensured care and security of house and its contents.
  • Tasks that a sitter needs to perform usually are garbage disposal, lawn mowing, pet care, readdressing mail if any, forwarding any important document etc.
  • The payment of bills can be done by either the owner or the sitter, depending on the circumstances and agreement. House sitter may be required to pay for some basic facilities like gas and electricity, for he/she had utilized it. It can be negotiated.

Tips to become an effective short term house carer:

  • Check whether the house is near any transport services or whether you will have to hire a car.
  • The duration of the contract should coincide with that of your travel time at that location.
  • Check for the safety and facilities available in the neighborhood.
  • Know who else has the keys to the house. Know the schedule followed regarding laundry and purchases.
  • Clarify every detail with the house owner and understand their house and its infrastructure.
  • If you are planning to work, know whether your work hours will allow household tasks. The more the travel plan is flexible, the better for you.
  • Clean utensils and sheets you have used and make sure you keep it tidy when you leave the house.

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