You must be thinking I am kidding. How can grocery can get you an annual vacation?

I have always imagined such a convenient life where everything comes at your doorstep and you don’t have to search for items among hundreds others in a store. Who wouldn’t dream of such comfort?! I won’t mind going for shopping to buy clothes because I gotta check the size, but why waste time in grocery stores buying ketchup you don’t have to try!! With Jet privilege offers, online grocery shopping will not only be convenient but also rewarding. Take a look yourself.

Purchase your grocery online from big basket through Jet Privilege website and you can collect JPMiles that can be redeemed as flight tickets at far cheaper rates. Your daily needs and household shopping can get you your annual vacation at amazing discounts. Don’t buy anything till you get something valuable in return. Keep collecting points and miles as you spend your money and redeem them when you have collected enough. Become a smart buyer and a smarter traveler.

HDFC 10X offer

This year, you get many advantages as you shop your groceries online. Either you can shop on big basket, as already told, through Jet Privilege website. Under the HDFC 10X offer, if you collect 4 miles, you earn 40. It’s surely the best year if you know how to grab every opportunity. Let us take a look at how much you can earn and how to redeem the miles you collect:

If you spend ₹5000 monthly on online grocery shopping, you can earn 400 points on jet privilege website, because if you don’t have a HDFC Diners club card, you earn 8 JPMiles for every ₹100 spent on shopping through jet privilege website. Using your HDFC diners club credit card, you earn 4 JPMiles for every ₹150 spent and with the HDFC 10X offer, the final miles earned become 40. With HDFC diners club 10X offer, you can earn 1733 JPMiles every month on expenditure of ₹5000. The annual points earned become 20,800.

Similarly, if you spend ₹10,000 on online grocery shopping, with HDFC diners club credit card under HDFC 10x offer, you earn 3466 JPMiles monthly and 41,600 points yearly.

JP Calc

A: Monthly Grocery Expenditure
B: Jet Privilege website provides 8 JPMiles per Rs.100 (Affiliate link to Big Basket)
C: HDFC Diners Club Credit Card provides 4 points (Can be converted to JPMiles) per Rs. 150
D: With 10x offer, you earn 10 times
E: B + D i.e. Total JPMiles per month
F: E * 12 i.e. Total JPMiles per year

Redeeming JPMiles

You only need 5000 JPMiles to redeem discounts on domestic fight tickets and 12000 JPMiles will provide cheaper rates internationally. With 20,800 and 41,600 JPMiles, you can buy flight tickets for your family and friends for your annual vacation and save plenty of your bucks. Plan your trips smartly. You can redeem your JPMiles on the routes mentioned below:

Origin Destination JPMiles
Bengaluru Kochi 5,000
Chennai Kochi 5,000
Delhi Leh 5,000
Mumbai Goa 5,000

There are 100+ routes to redeem for just 5000 JPMiles

Origin Destination Miles
Mumbai Muscat 12,000
Ahmedabad Abu Dhabi 15,000
Delhi Muscat 15,000
Mumbai Abu Dhabi 15,000
Mumbai Dubai 15,000

You will have multiple international routes to choose from 12000 JPMiles

Your daily shopping list can reward you with cheaper flight tickets. Collect JPMiles to redeem them for free flights to your dream destination. Make use of the HDFC 10X offer by paying bills using your HDFC diners club credit card. Travel smart and save plenty.