Get hosted and stay for free using this amazing concept where you get to meet like minded folks. WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and it gives you a chance to promote your educational and cultural knowledge about organic farming and learn plenty in the same field. Also, it is based purely on trust and no monetary exchange takes place. Hosts under this movement provide home stays on organic farms for travelers. Travelers volunteer to stay with their hosts and help them with their farms without any exchange of money. Australia has the maximum number of hosts. WWOOF’s network is established well in over 100 countries. You too can host travelers. You can find WWOOF hosts in over 200 nations. Usually hosts provide travelers with shelter and food in exchange for volunteer assistance in farming and gardening. You will get an opportunity to experience how life would be like a farmer. Support this community and become a member to learn about healthy lifestyle.

Travel and stay for free
Become a volunteer. You just need to join WWOOF to become a WWOOFER. Choose your destination and the appropriate woofer group that suits you. Learn worldwide ways of organic farming. Find your host and get, set, go! Enjoy your woofing. Hosts can help you with the local language and can become your travel guides. That can be very helpful at places where you are not familiar with the language and locality.

What does a tea break on an organic farm look like?
— WWOOF (@WWOOF) July 2, 2015

How to become a WWOOF host?
Share your lifestyle and knowledge by joining your national WWOOF organization. Create your profile and get ready to host woofers.

WWOOF has started an educational initiative as well, termed as LLOOF, Living and Learning On Organic Farms.

A travel hack for people who want to stay for free and learn about different cultures and the essence of that nation they visit, WWOOF will save your money and provide you with outstanding opportunities to show your skills. Contact them to ask your queries by clicking on the link

Learn more about woofing, that is, how to volunteer and host, by following the given link

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