Traveling isn’t a matter of money, but of proper planning and courage.

India, being a cheaper country with a rich culture and convenient transport, attracts travelers from all over the globe. Tourism in India has flourished so beautifully within the last decade and it has rather become a trend here now.

Indians are becoming more and more hospitable and open to travelers throughout the world. But what about curious people with low budgets?!!

India still won’t break your hearts for there are plenty of ways to save your money and travel cheaper in India.

We will be listing a lot many tricks for you to try the next time you pack your bags for an India tour.

Travel hacking will take you farther without much investment. Smart planning is all you need to become a traveler who saves far more than he spends.

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Take a look at various ideas and try out the ones you haven’t yet tried.

Hostels in India

There are good hostels available in India. Don’t you think India lacks anything! Try backpackers panda and zostel the next time you are looking for accommodation in India.

Follow trip advisor reviews

You can easily find the trendy places to visit, especially restaurants, which are pocket friendly. You can discover a lot if you plan it well enough and use the technology right. Trip advisor will help you find cheap places to explore in India. Read the reviews and visit the one you like the most.


You can stay at hosts’ places booked via couchsurfing. The local traveler you will be staying with will also help you out with the place and its specialities as per your budget. Stay for free with couch surfing.


You can also try airbnb for cheaper stays in India. It offer every type of hospitality, from home stays to hotels. Choose the one that suits you the most and save your money.

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Ola and Uber

Go for ola and uber for traveling to not so far places. They are convenient and cheaper means. Go for ride sharing to save more of your bucks.

Travel in groups

When you travel in groups, you save a hell lot of cash. If you are a solo traveler, find people who are going to the save place as yours. This way, you can split the bill and save money.

Hitch hiking

Hitch hiking, asking lifts and rides, is becoming prevalent in India. Carry less luggage for easy hitch hiking. Read about the various tricks to easily get a lift when you hitch hike by clicking on the link

Street food

India has a great variety of street food that is cheap and satisfying. Go for it when you are low with cash.


Temples, gurudwaras and mosques serve food too. In India, you can eat there to save your money as well. Some religious places also offer cheaper or free stays. Try those when your budgets are low.

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Local transport

Local transport saves a lot of cash. Instead of taxis, try taking autos, metro, buses and trains. Like, CTU buses are available in Chandigarh, DTC and metro are available in Delhi or BMTC in Bengaluru. They are cheaper modes of transportation.

Advance train booking

Sleeper class in Indian trains are cheaper than ac coaches. You can pre book your train to save money. Instead of booking in tatkal, where you will be paying double the amount, try booking trains in advance.

Railway retiring rooms

Once you have booked your train ticket, you can use the ticket PNR number to book railway retiring rooms for accommodation. They can be booked online here

Sight seeing buses

Every tourist place in India has buses that take travelers to a local tour. These are cheaper and you may find like minded folks too. Also, they have a guide along with them and you can know about the locality well enough.

Off season

Visit famous expensive tourist places when it’s their off season. The rates are far lower. Traveling cheaper in India ain’t a big deal. Just know the tricks and required travel hacks.

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When in Rome, dress as Romans do

Dress up like the locals and you won’t be charged like an outsider. Local autos tend to charge more from outsiders guessing by their attire and style of talking. Try to blend in and you will travel cheaper.


India is a place where bargaining is a sport. If you can bargain like a pro, you surely will save a lot of your bucks.

Travel during the night

You will save one night’s accommodation by doing so.

Redeem points and miles

That’s where I can assure you, you won’t be disappointed. We all shop for daily needs and what do we get in return?! A bill!! Collect points and miles with your normal day to day shopping and redeem them to travel cheap in India. Know about how to earn points and their redeeming

Also, read how I used my collected miles to get a far cheaper flight

Frequent flyers and loyalty programs

Credit cards, hotels, airlines and every online booking service have their deals and if you book regularly with them, you get exclusive discounts and benefits. Become a member of such smart offers and grab every opportunity.

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Read more about saving tips for travelers by clicking here

Traveling in India can be as luxurious as your want, as well as, as cheap as you want. It’s all about how you plan your tour. Use travel hacks to save money. Traveling makes your lifestyle lively and adventurous. Here is the importance of travel hacking

Don’t miss any chance to travel for you now know the hacks for cheapest traveling in India. Explore yourself and this only world we have. Stay tuned for more motivation and tricks.

Stay tuned for the latest deals, offers, updates and trends in the modern world of traveling. Just stay tuned!!