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Have more money coming in than going out.

A modern concept allowing travelers earn easy money, PiggyBee is a very simple and innovative idea. It was established in 2012 and has progressed to a great network with this remarkable idea for easy money for travelers. Founded by David Vuylsteke, W. IN. G supports it financially. Bringing people who want to ship goods to the travellers, it provides a platform for them to earn effortlessly. Travelers just have to do what they love, travel, and take with you the shipment, for which you will be paid well. Though a sad news for the shipping industry, which by the way, is already a huge market, that these travel hacks won’t even bother them at all. Such a creative concept it is! Moreover, it reduces shipment costs. The most genius travel hack one can ever think of, let us see how PiggyBee works.

Crowd shopping and crowd shipping
Buying stuff physically or via online sources, that is, crowd shopping, or shipping personal goods, that is, crowd shipping, you can safely get your pack transported by the traveler of your choice. So actually what is in there for the travelers? A big surprise indeed. PiggyBee will pay a part of your travel expenses and you get rewards, as well, from the person whose goods you are shipping. It is easy money for travelers. So technically, you travel at a far lower cost and save plenty for your adventurous journey. Help people and get rewarded. All you need to do is ship their item and there you go! Earn at ease with PiggyBee.

Find a local while you travel far from home. The website is a platform for interaction between travelers and people who want their stuff shipped. A very secure platform in itself, it is convenient and well organized. Recently, a friend of mine, an adventurer and well renowned traveller, shipped some watches and planned an international trip with the money he earned. Easy money for travelers, PiggyBee transforms the world of travelling.

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A guide to PiggyBee

How to get your goods shipped?
You just need to post on the website, that is mentioned in the end of the context, that you have requested for a delivery. A list will be generated of all the travellers as per your requirement. If there are no people available at that time, your post will be visible so that travelers, in future, are able to contact you. There are safe means to contact and communicate with the traveler. The payment is creative too. The amount decided gets locked and automatically delivered once the item has reached its destination. Reduce shipment costs and earn while traveling.

Now, how to earn while traveling?
You need to post your journey dates and mention whether it is a one way or a two way journey. You should also describe whether you travel there on a regular basis or not. People need trustworthy travelers all around the globe. There will be a list delivered of all the people who have requested for that particular area. You can chat with them and decide the payment on a highly secure mailbox. Ship the goods and get paid. Especially, for people travelling from USA to India or vice versa, as there are tremendous opportunities in this journey line to earn for free by shipping products. The clients will save money on shipment and you will earn money while traveling. Such an easy money for travelers, indeed.

Reference chart for payment

For local distance

  • Small item – $8 or €7.5
  • Medium item – $11 or €10
  • Large item – $14 or €12.5
  • Extra large item – $28 or €25

For national journey

  • Small item – $11 or €10
  • Medium item – $17 or €15
  • Large item – $28 or €25
  • Extra large item – $72 or €65

For international travels

  • Small item – $14 or €12.5
  • Medium item – $19 or €17.5
  • Large item – $33 or €30
  • Extra large item – $110 or €100

The amounts mentioned need to be multiplied to the shipment cost.

As a traveler, if asked during check-ins, the product is to be claimed yours till its delivery to the destined area or requester.

For any queries contact – [email protected]

Secure shipping guaranteed
The travelers that register on the website PiggyBee have to undergo a proper profile and questionnaire. They are required to share their photograph, valid email, residential address, contact number, their social media accounts eg Facebook, LinkeDIn, Twitter etc. There personal information, as much as possible, is checked and verified. Profiles are even evaluated and updated from time to time and there are ranks assigned as, one starred beginner, two starred intermediate and three started advanced. The identity of the client and traveler is made known before any sort of payment. Payment is highly secure and smart in its own way, allowing the money to get locked and delivered when the package gets delivered.

The idea is such a brilliant one, yet so simple. I have always looked for ways to earn easy money for I travel myself on a regular basis to some particular areas. I have found my smart travel hack. Visit their website – https://www.piggybee.com/en/

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