The first in Indian aviation by Jet Airways is JetUpgrade i.e. Upgrading to the luxurious premiere and first class in Jet Airways has become easier now and this can be done by two ways, which is based on invitation.

Either bid or pay a fixed amount to get an instant upgrade

You can upgrade from economy class to premiere class and from premier class to first class flight. JetUpgrade your cabin and enjoy world class comfort.

1. Bidding
You will get an email by jet airways seven days prior to your flight if you are eligible for bidding for JetUpgrade. You can only use your credit card to place a bid. You can modify your placed bid anytime to boost up your winning chances. If you win, your card will be charged and you will get a confirmation email 24 hours prior to your departure. You will be given a revised boarding pass and your upgrade details. In case you don’t win the bid, your card won’t be charged at all.

2. Instant upgrade
Again, you will receive an email if you are eligible for an upgrade. You need to pay the fixed amount using your credit card or debit card and you will receive your updated boarding pass and details of the upgraded flight.


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Let us understand the offer more precisely:

The offer stands for members who get an invitation only. The validity of the invitation lasts 25 hours prior to your departure flight ticket. Any modifications or cancellation will invalidate the invitation. If you have received it, you can bid simply by clicking on “manage booking” in jet airways website. But who are eligible for an invite? Travelers having their confirmed jet airways ticket with starting numbers 589, who do not fall under the types mentioned – staff tickets, group bookings, deportee and stretcher passengers and redemption tickets, who have booked an economy cabin are eligible. You need to provide a valid email address to be eligible.

Bid related details
The bid needs to be made by a credit card that is valid and has required amount of cash. You can amend, cancel or submit your bid from the time you received your invitation up till 25 hours prior to your scheduled departure. No accruement of JPMiles shall be there based on the upgraded cabin. You will be provided with the benefits of your original cabin as well. If your bid is accepted, it is not an assurance that similar seating will be provided and it will be based on availability. You can choose your seat in the upgraded cabin after online check in. There will be a minimum and a maximum amount of bid and you need to stay within the range of it.

This offer cannot be refunded, transferred or changed. You won’t be earning any extra JPMiles. You will earn JPMiles as per your originally booked ticket.

Visit their website to know more.

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